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In recognition of International Children's Book Day, please enjoy this children's book written by a young local author.

International Children's Book Day

Samantha Book

April 2nd

Art Contest Winner

Seventeen year-old Sierra in the Green Bay Area submitted this awesome piece to win the First Annual Venture Digest Art Contest!


Sierra says drawing is a soothing pastime when she is stressed, and a form of self expression she enjoys.


Her favorite artist is Claude Monet. She enjoys his nature paintings, such as The Water Lily Pond and Sunrise, which are very calming and beautiful.


Sierra says though she is currently unsure of what she wants to do in the future, she knows she will find a way to make sure art is involved.


We'll all be looking forward to seeing what you do next! Congratulations, Sierra!!

Art Contest Winner


Writing Contest Winner

Writing Contest Winner


Congratulations to Carl in Hong Kong, our winner of the 2021 Venture Digest Writing Contest!


Carl is a National of the Republic of the Philippines and a permanent resident of Hong Kong. When asked about his motivation to write, Carl told us, "I find it therapeutic given with so much that's been happening all over the world. While it may not resolve all of the world's ills, it gives one a chance to self-reflect, meditate and hopefully learn from all that's happened from the past to the present."


Carl said he doesn't really have a favorite writer, but noted a few books he's enjoyed, including Laura Esquivel's "Like Water For Chocolate" and Adeline Yen Mah's, "Chinese Cinderella." Carl also said he enjoyed reading Christy Brown's "My Left Foot" when he was younger, particularly because he was able to relate, having Cerebral Palsy himself.


Thank you, Carl! We look forward to hearing more from you in the future.