Dear Neighbors,


Welcome to Northeast Wisconsin's community magazine. Venture Digest is for the community, about the community, and in large part by the community. More specifically, Venture Digest will provide content that is beneficial in home, social settings, in school, in business…in life. Our goal, overall, is to promote a sense of community by showcasing the skills, knowledge and talents of the people, as well as what Northeast Wisconsin has to offer. We’ll invite and encourage your submissions to share with our readership, and also invite your suggestions to help us improve, build and grow as a resource. 


In these pages you’ll see our invitations for you to share your knowledge and experience. We want your favorite recipes to share with those who are looking for something different, or maybe aren’t so skilled in the kitchen. We want your amazing photos of the sights to be seen in Wisconsin, the impressive events that take place and the candid moments accidentally caught on film that touch the heart of the viewer. We want your writings about your favorite quotes, life lessons, memories of the area in times past and positive experiences in lesser-known businesses. Knowledge is power and experience is absolutely invaluable! Sharing your knowledge and experience can only make our community stronger.


What do we ask of you? Simple: bring us into your home, into your business, into your place of worship. Tell your family, friends, coworkers and neighbors about us. Message us about the neighbor who is constantly helping everyone else... about the kid down the street who writes beautiful stories or draws amazing pictures... about the neighborhood that bonded together to help a neighbor in need. Our tagline is our foundation: Your Community, Your Story.


Welcome to Venture Digest... welcome home.


Your Neighbor,


Michael Weber


Hello! My name is Michael Weber and I'm proud to welcome you to Venture Digest! I've been in Wisconsin nearly all of my life. I grew up in West De Pere and currently raising my children in Howard...Go Pirates! All of my career, beginning when I was 13, has been in Customer Service and Sales. From working in restaurants to selling seafood, water treatment systems, advertising...I've learned that business is about people and relationships. It's my pleasure to serve the communities of Green Bay and the Fox Valley with this publication.

Michelle Docchio

Graphic Designer

Hello! My name is Michelle. I was born a Floridian now living as a Wisconsinite. I recently graduated with honors receiving my Associates Degree in Design & Graphic Technology and a Certificate in Print Technology. When I'm not tolerating the winter, I enjoy designing, photography, baking, gardening and outdoor activities. More seriously, others would describe me as having a passion for my work, a good listener, goal-oriented, and always giving a helping hand.